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An excellent range of Romanian wines, made by veteran Australian wine
maker, Hartley Smithers. All three offer great varietal flavour and wonderful
affordability.  The Riesling has delicious crunchy apple fruit with a hint of
pear, the Pinot Noir has jammy red berry fruit and a very clean finish. I am
sure you are all familiar with the Feteasca Regala grape! It has a rich dry
apricot finish with good balancing acidity.

2013   Paparuda Riesling Estate Selection
Price: 6.99   Bin No.RO61

  2014  Paparuda Feteasca Regala Estate Selection
Price: 6.99  Bin No. RO62

 2014  Paparuda Pinot Noir Estate Selection
Price: 6.99  Bin No. RO01


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