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Portugal has some of the world’s most exciting and most individual wines. To those of you who have yet to discover the delights of these wines, give them a try.

Bacalhoa - Sebutal

Founded in 1022, Bacalhoa is one of the foremost wine producers in Portugal with over 500 hectares of vineyards.  Moscatel d Sebutal is one of Europe's most renowned Pudding wines with glorious apricot and raisin flavours.

2005 Moscatel d Sebutal
Price: £9.99  Bin No. DW44

Quinta dos Roques-Dao 

One of Portugal’s greatest wine estates: their  Quinta do Correio wines are both medal winners in their own right.

    Quinta do Correio  Tinto 
Price: £9.98  Bin No. PG02


Dirk Niepoort - Douro/Dao

A stunning range of wines from the legendary Dirk Niepoort. The breath-taking Redoma rosé is made from the barrel-fermented free-run juice from Niepoort’s finest port lagares. Don’t miss the stunningly approachable but still dark and rich ‘Drink Me’ Douro and its almost Burgundian white counterpart. Dirk’s unoaked Dao Rotulo, brimming with sumptuous dark cherry fruit has an astonishing purity on the nose.

Visit Niepoort website

Drink Me  Douro  Tinto
Price: £12.98   Bin No. PG16

Dao Rotulo Quinta de Baixo   Tinto
Price: £12.99  Bin No.  PG07

Drink Me  Douro   Branco
Price: £12.98  Bin No. PG76

  Redoma  Rosado
Price: £14.99  Bin No. PG81



Quinta de la Rosa -   Douro

The Bergqvist family own the glorious Quinta de la Rosa estate, just outside Pinhao. Famous for their ports, they have also developed a range of wines that I think offer an excellent example of Douro wines at their best. The douRosa range are stunning: the douRosa rosé is made from the free-run juice from the port grapes and is the most serious rosé on our list and can be drunk throughout the year. The DouRosa white is only available in tiny quantities and is an intriguing wine with almost Burgundian acidity made from grapes (you’ll never have heard of the varieties!) that are grown high up on the granite slopes at over 600 metres. The La Rosa red is a complex wine that has been aged in French oak barriques and is made from low yielding ‘A’ grade port grapes – Tinto Roriz, Touriga Nacional, and Touriga Franca. La Rosa Reserva 2009 won just about every accolade going: first place in Decanter, Gold medal at IWC etc etc.  This is an exceptional Rosa Reserva , a great testament to the winemaking ability of Jorge Moreira and the leadership of the indefatigable Sophia Bergqvist.

Visit Quinta de la Rosa website

 Dourosa  Douro
Price: £10.99  Bin No. PG21

La Rosa   Reserva  Douro
Price: £24.95  Bin No. PG22

  Dourosa  Branco
Price: £10.99 Bin No. PG61

 Dourosa  Rosado
Price: £10.99  Bin No. PG91



Casa de Saima - Bairrada

Graca Meranda makes bench mark Bairrada, with foot trodden Baga grapes that are then aged in 100 year old vats

Casa de Saima Tinto
Price: £13.99  Bin No. PG06

Quinta de Macedos

Quinta de Macedos has to be the Grange Hermitage of Portugal: a vast, blockbuster that I simply couldn’t hold in my mouth when I sampled it from the vat. Now it has developed into a great structured red and is winning many accolades. One to watch!

Visit their website

Pinga do Torto   Douro
Price: £14.99  Bin No. PG05

2002  Quinta de Macedos   Douro
Price: £39.95  Bin No. PG15


Quinta do Soalheiro


One of the greatest producers of Alvarinho (Albarino) making a wine with stunning intensity of tropical fruit and balancing minerality. Their stunning Vinho Verde is a blend of Alvarinho and Loureiro – completely beguiling with fabulous greengageand lemon  fruit flavours!

See their website

  Soalheiro Vinho   Verde  ‘Allo’ 
Price: £9.99 Bin No. PG66

  Alvarinho Soalheiro    ‘Primeiras Vinhas’ 
Price: £23.95  Bin No. PG67



Casa de Vila Nova  - Vinho Verde                         

These really wonderful whites from the Lencanstre family estate is some 30 minutes’ drive east from Oporto. Crisp, dry and elegant, both these wines are fabulous value for money, and you can pay far more for Spanish Albarino (same grape as the Alvarinho) that is not nearly as good.

See their website

 Vila Nova Loureiro   Sousa
Price: £8.99  Bin No. PG60

 Vila Nova Alvarinho  Sousa 
Price: £9.98  Bin No. PG62





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