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Quinta de la Rosa

Quinta de la Rosa Lote 601 is a stylish premium ruby made in a drier style but deliciously pure. Quinta de la Rosa’s Finest Reserve (previously Vintage Character) is a supremely elegant port that has won many prizes, made from the best 6 – 7 year old port barrels and their delicious unfiltered LBV is made in a dry, but elegant style. New this year are the wonderfully elegant tawnies from Quinta de la Rosa. All superb but the Tonel 12 a particular favourite.

Visit Quinta de la Rosa website

Quinta de la Rosa  Fine Tawny  50cl
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  PT25

Quinta de la Rosa  White Port  50cl
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  PT191

Quinta de la Rosa Lote 601 50cl
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  PT26

Quinta de la Rosa  Late Bottled Vintage 2011 50cl
Price: £14.98  Bin No.  PT24

 Quinta de la Rosa  Late Bottled Vintage 2012   Magnum 150cl 
Price: £49.95  Bin No. PT24

Quinta de la Rosa  Finest Reserve 50cl
Price: £13.99  Bin No.  PT21

Quinta de la Rosa  Tonel 12 10 year old Fine Tawny  50cl
Price: £19.99  Bin No.  PT20



Few white ports are worth the time of day, but Dirk Niepoort has mastered the art: try his Dry White as a long drink with tonic or soda – delicious! He also makes the only single varietal white port: Moscatel Velho: simply heavenly! Try the Ruby-Dum, one of the finest Rubys on the market – Dirk’s irreverent take on Alice in Wonderland´s famous Tweedle twins. The wine originates from low yielding old vineyards in the Cima Corgo Region of the Douro. The grapes are trodden in Lagares, prior to ageing in large wooden vats at his lodge in Gaia and bottled with an average age of 3 years. The stunningly good, unfiltered Niepoort LBV is not to be confused with some of the pathetic supermarket offerings under the LBV label. The Tawny-Dee and Senior Tawny both acquire great subtlety through ageing in small old oak casks in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia gaining delicate nutty aromas and a hint of dried fruits.

Visit Niepoort website

Niepoort   Ruby - Dum 37.5cl
Price: £7.49  Bin No.  PT151

Niepoort   Ruby - Dum
Price: £14.95  Bin No.  PT03

Niepoort   Dry White Port
Price: £14.95 Bin No. PT14

Niepoort   Moscatel Velho White Port 37.5 cl
Price: £17.99  Bin No. PT18

Niepoort  Late Bottled Vintage 2013
Price: £19.85  Bin No.  PT15

Vintage Late Bottled Vintage 2013
Price: £10.50  Bin No. PT003

Niepoort Crusted (bottled 2011)
Price: £26.50  Bin No.  PT49

‘Tawny - Dee'  
Price: £7.49 Bin No. PT051

Niepoort  ‘Tawny - Dee'  
Price: £14.95 Bin No. PT05

Niepoort   Senior Tawny
Price: £19.85 Bin No. PT47

Niepoort   10yr Old Tawny
Price: £34.50 Bin No. PT10


Vintage 2011 Quinta de la Rosa , visit their website
Price: £44.95  Bin No. PT01

Vintage 2011 Niepoort  
Price: £49.95  Bin No. PT02

Vintage 2015 Niepoort  
Price: £49.95  Bin No. PT07

Vintage 2003 Niepoort
Price: £44.95  Bin No. PT004

Vintage 1999/2000 Sandeman Vau
Price: £19.98  Bin No. PT59

Vintage 2000 Niepoort's Secundum
Price: £39.95  Bin No. PT34

Vintage 2000 Quinta do Passadouro 
Price: £39.95  Bin No. PT35

Vintage 2015 Niepoort   'Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha'
Price: £59.95  Bin No. PT08

Vintage 1997 Quinta de la Rosa  , visit their website
Price: £59.95  Bin No. PT281

Niepoort   2017
Price: £69.50 Bin No. PT015



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