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Philippe Raimbault continues to make superb wines: classic Sauvignon Blanc from both Sancerre ‘Domaine des Godons’ and Pouilly-Fumé ‘Montée des Lumeaux’ with the stylish finesse that comes from the finest ‘terroir’. Don’t miss our fabulous Sauvignon de Touraine which comes from Guy Allion’s Domaine du Haut-Perron: full of crisp gooseberry fruit and then there is his Chenonceaux Blanc – a new appellation for Sauvignon Blancs that rivals Sancerre in quality.

Visit the website of Philippe Raimbault
Also see the website of Guy Allion


Muscadet Sur Lie S & M   Domaine de la Combe
Price: £9.50  Bin No.  FL16

Muscadet Sur Lie S & M  Domaine de la Combe  Presbyteres Vieilles Vignes
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  FL17

 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc   Domaine Haut-Perron
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  FL65

 Chenonceaux  Domaine Haut-Perron 
Price: £11.50  Bin No.  FL12

 Coteaux du Giennois  Philippe Raimbault
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  FL21

   Vouvray (demi-sec)    Les Coteaux Tufiers
Price: £9.98  Bin No.  FL18

    Sancerre   ‘Domaine des Godons
Price: £14.99  Bin No. FL20

    Sancerre   ‘Domaine des Godons Magnum 150cl
Price: £39.95  Bin No. FL19

 Pouilly-Fumé       La Montée des Lumeaux 
Price: £14.99  Bin No. FL26


As ever we love good rosé, and Philippe Raimbault makes excellent strawberry-hued  rosé in Sancerre from the noble Pinot Noir grape.

 Rosé d’Anjou    Pierre Chainier, visit their website
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  FL11

  Sancerre    Apud Sariacum
Price: £14.99  Bin No.  FL04



Good Loire reds are hard to come by but  well worth seeking out.  Philippe Raimbault makes a fine Sancerre that is made from a 100% Pinot Noir packed with juicy fruit flavours but with a balancing elegance. Cédric Allion makes stunning red wine: the Guy Allion Pinot Noir is probably the best value Pinot on the list with real complexity for the price. His Cabernet Franc is also a very fine wine with a delicious mouth-watering cherry fruit, while the Chenonceaux ( a new appellation) is an unoaked blend of Malbec and Cabernet Franc that has superb purity of fruit – a firm favourite indeed!

Visit Domaine du Haut-Perron website

Malbec de Touraine    'le Poira' Domaine Haut Perron
Price: £9.99  Bin No.  FL09

Pinot Noir de Touraine    'les Parcs' Domaine Haut Perron
Price: £10.49  Bin No.  FL01

Sancerre   Domaine des Godons
Price: £14.99  Bin No.  FL03

Chenonceaux  Domaine Haut-Perron
Price: £11.50  Bin No.  FL02

Cabernet Franc les Quatre Pierres Haut Perron
Price: £9.99  Bin No.  FL06



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