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White and Rosé

The Dea del Mare & Principato Pinot Grigios are both superb, lively whites with a zippy charm; the Gavi ‘La Battistina’ offers fabulous value for money with clean stonefruit flavours. The Miopasso Fiano from Sicily is a supremely exotic beast with a wonderful aroma of mango and honey. The Dea del Mare Pinot Grigio Rosé comes from northern Italy and is fruity but not too sweet like so manyblush Pinot Grigios.

 Ca'di Ponti  Catarratto - Sicily
Price: £6.49  Bin No.  IT63

 Dea del Mare Pinot Grigio  - Sicily
Price: £6.98  
Bin No.  IT74

 Principato Pinot Grigio  -  Veneto    
Price: £6.98  Bin No.  IT62

   Cantina di Negrar Garganega     - Veneto
Price: £7.99  Bin No.  IT64

 Miopasso Fiano The Wine People  - Sicily
Price: £7.99  Bin No.  IT81

 Gavi   La Battistina - Piemonte
Price: £10.99 
 Bin No.  IT60

  Baccolo Bianco ‘Appassimento’- Veneto 
Price: £9.99  Bin No.  IT67

 Paternoster Falanghina   - Basilicata  
Price: £12.95  Bin No.  IT61

 Castello ColleMassari Vermentino  Montecucco  - Tuscany 
Price: £17.95  Bin No.  IT66

  Fedele Bianco  - organic  The Wine People       - Sicily
Price: £7.99  
Bin No.  IT68   

   Pio Cesare Gavi -  Piemonte
Price: £18.95  Bin No.  IT66  

  Pinot Grigio  del Veneto   Rosé   Dea del Mare
Price: £6.98  Bin No.  IT94




We have the new Baccolo ‘Appassimento’ which has a delicious richness from partially dried grapes. The range from  Cantina di Negrar is classic Valpolicella and they were the inventors of the ‘appassimento’ system of dried grapes that gives Amarone its wonderfully rich and complex flavours. 

Have a look at their website  

   Corvina  Cantina di Negrar
Price: £7.99  Bin No IT17

  Valpolicella    Ripasso   Cantina di Negrar
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  IT18

  Valpolicella    Tomassi
Price: £15.50  Bin No.  IT21

   Amarone della Valpolicella     Cantina di Negrar
  Price: £21.95  Bin No.  IT2

   Amarone della Valpolicella     Tomassi
  Price: £39.95  Bin No.  IT22



The Dea del Mare Montepulciano is deliciously easy drinking with rich and plum fruit on the palate

  Dea del Mare Montepulciano d'Abruzzo  Dea del Mare
Price: £6.98  Bin No.  IT201


Definitely worth trying are the excellent Pio Cesare wines: big rich wines including the extraordinary
Barbaresco ‘Il Bricco’ - one of the most complex and intriguing wines I have tasted in years.
The delectable straight Barbera d’Alba which has masses of up-front fruit: don’t miss out on it!

  Barbera d'Asti ‘Ceppi Storici’ Araldica
Price: £8.99   Bin No.  IT011

 2015 Barolo Fiori Araldica
Price: £16.99   Bin No.  IT012

   2018  Barbera d’Alba   Il Ciotto  - Bovio  
Price: £14.95   Bin No.  IT04

2015 Barolo   Pio Cesare
Price: £49.50   Bin No.  IT09

  2017 Barbera d'Alba 'Fides'  Pio Cesare
Price: £36.95   Bin No.  IT1

  2010 Barbaresco Il Bricco Pio Cesare
Price: £79.50   Bin No.  IT02



The entry point Chianti Volpetto is well made with typical soft, black cherry fruit, and their excellent 
Chianti Riserva is superb value for money.  The stunning
Chianti Classicos come from
Stefano Chioccioli’s 8
hectare family Estate at Gaiole-in-Chianti.
Chianti  Volpetto
Price: £8.48  Bin No.  IT33

Chianti  Reserva Volpetto
Price: £9.98  Bin No.  IT13

2013 Chianti  Classico Chioccioli Estate
Price: £18.99  Bin No.  IT05

2011 Chianti Reserva Chioccioli Estate
Price: £29.99  Bin No.  IT06

2015  Rosso di Montalcino   La Rasina   
Price: £21.95  Bin No.  IT14

2012    Brunello di Montalcino    Romitorio  
Price: £39.95  Bin No.  IT15


Puglia & Basilicata

The Miopasso Primitivo is a wine made in a ripasso style and it has great richness of black fruit: stunning!

 Miopasso Primitivo - Puglia 
Price: £8.39  Bin No.  IT01

  Aglianico del Vulture  Paternoster - Basilicata , visit their website
Price: £12.95   Bin No.  IT03


A wine that is made from one of the great grapes of Sicily is the
Nero d’Avola. You can taste the sunshine in its silky richness.

  Nero d'Avola      Ca’ di Ponti
Price: £6.98  Bin No.  IT

  Fedele Rosso – organic
Price: £7.99  Bin No.  IT20


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