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NOMINÉ RENARD - Villevenard


As a récoltant-manipulant - a grower - he does not buy in his grapes and can offer fabulous value for money. His Brut Cuvée Spéciale is benchmark non-vintage champagne and was voted the third best NV champagne in the country in Decanter Magazine (July 2006). The rich, predominately Chardonnay Vintage Special Club in the CVC’s distinctive ‘Krug’ bottle is well worth trying . The delicious Brut Rosé now comes in a green bottle and must be one of the best  buy rosés shipped into this country.

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NV  Nominé-Renard, *  Brut Cuvée Spéciale
Price: £20.95  Bin No. CH11

NV  Nominé-Renard Half Bottle, *  Brut Cuvée Spéciale
Price: £13.50  Bin No.

NV  Nominé-Renard, Demi - Sec
Price: £21.95  Bin No. CH111

NV  Nominé-Renard, Brut - Blanc de Noirs
Price: £28.95  Bin No. CH51

NV  Nominé-Renard, Brut - Blanc de Blancs
Price: £28.95  Bin No. CH12

NV  Nominé-Renard, (Magnum)                                
Price: £48.95  Bin No. CH08

NV  Nominé-Renard,  Brut Rosé
Price: £24.95  Bin No. CH10 

NV  Nominé-Renard,  Brut Ro (Magnum 1.5 lire)
Price: £59.95  Bin No. CH38 

2000  Nominé-Renard, Vintage ‘Spécial Club’
Price: £39.95  Bin No.CH09

NV  Nominé-Renard, (Methuselah) 6 Litre                             
Price: £450.00  Bin No. CH13




These champagnes come from a small family-run récoltant with 12th centuary cellars and 15 hectares in the Marne Valley. The Cuvée de Réserve is soft and elegant with less pronounced mousse than most and predominately Pinot Meunier, the floral Carte d’Or is 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier, and received a star in the Guide Hachette.

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NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Cuvée de Réserve Brut 
Price: £21.95  Bin No.CH02

NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Carte Bleue
Price: £23.95  Bin No.CH022

NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Brut Rosé
Price: £24.95  Bin No.CH033

NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Carte d'Or Brut
Price: £24.94  Bin No.CH03

NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Carte d'Or Brut Magnum
Price: £49.95  Bin No.CH021

NV  Autréau-Lasnot  Carte d’Or Brut - Jéroboam
Price: £139.95   Bin No.CH034

2005  Autréau-Lasnot  Brut Presige
Price: £31.95  Bin No.CH031




One of the oldest houses in Champagne, established in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart.  Chardonnay predominates in the house style: ‘R’ de Ruinart is 40% Chardonnay with 25% reserve wines, the Blanc des Blancs 100% Chardonnay from 1er Cru  vineyards, and the Rosé some 45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir.

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NV  Ruinart  ‘R’ de Ruinart Brut
Price: £49.50  Bin No. CH01

NV  Ruinart  Blanc des Blancs Brut
Price:  £64.50  Bin No. CH021

NV  Ruinart  Rosé Brut
Price:  £64.50  Bin No. CH04




Gosset is the oldest champagne house, established in Aÿ in 1584. Neighbours of Bollinger, they make a rich, full-bodied style in conscious emulation of Krug. No champagnes are aged for less than 5 years in their cellars and the Excellence Brut
is a satisfyingly big, biscuity wine. The Grande Réserve - a blend of two vintages - comes  in the distinctive antique bottle and wins prizes all over the world. Serena Sutcliffe says in her book on champagne that Gosset are masters of rosé, and rates the Grande Réserve Rosé as one of the best of all. The Grande Millésime is absolutely stunning and will age for decades.

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NV  Gosset, Excellence Brut
Price: £37.50 Bin No. CH25

NV  Gosset, Excellence Brut (Magnum)
Price: £89.50  Bin No. CH29

NV  Gosset, Grande Réserve (gold medal IWC)
Price: £46.95  Bin No. CH26

NV  Gosset, Grande Réserve half bottle (gold medal IWC)
Price: £28.95  Bin No. HF93

NV  Gosset, Grande Réserve (Magnum)
Price: £109.50   Bin No. CH32

NV  Gosset,   Grande Réserve Jeroboam  300cl
Price: £245.00  Bin No. CH222

NV  Gosset, * Grande Réserve Rosé
Price: £54.95   Bin No. CH27

NV  Gosset, Grande Réserve  Rosé  half bottle
Price: £34.95  Bin No. HF97

NV  Gosset, Grande Réserve Rosé (Magnum)
Price: £129.50  Bin No. CH23

NV  Gosset,  Blanc de Blancs
Price: £59.95  Bin No. CH28

2000/04 Gosset, Grande Millésime
Price: £64.95  Bin No. CH31

2002/04  Gosset, Celebris
 Price: £109.50  Bin No. CH255

2003/07  Gosset, Celebris Rosé
Price: £129.50 Bin No. CH256




One of the greatest ‘Grandes Marques’ making a rich, full-bodied style.

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NV  Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label Brut
Price: £44.95  Bin No. CH37

2006 Veuve Clicquot, La Grande Dame
Price: £124.50  Bin No. CH39



POL ROGER - Épernay

One of the greatest names in Champagne - and Winston Churchill’s favourite - Pol-Roger was founded in 1849 and owns 85 hectares, mostly in the Épernay area. The White Foil Brut has a typical Pinot Meunier flowery fruit, with Pinot Noir steely depth. Cuvée Winston Churchill is one of the most complex prestige cuvées and is made in Churchill’s favourite style with the Pinot Noir predominating. Although the house refuses to reveal the exact blend, it is probably around 70% Pinot Noir.

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NV  Pol Roger, White Foil Brut
Price: £37.50  Bin No. CH41

NV  Pol Roger, White Foil Brut - Magnum
Price: £86.50  Bin No. CH42

NV  Pol Roger, White Foil Brut - Jeroboam
Price: £325.00  Bin No. CH43

NV  Pol Roger, Rich Demi-Sec
Price: £39.95  Bin No. CH46

2008/13  Pol Roger, Vintage
Price: £74.95  Bin No. CH48

2006   Pol Roger, Vintage Rosé
Price: £74.95  Bin No. CH49 

2009 Pol Roger,  Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill
Price:  £159.50
Bin No. CH44




Founded in 1829, Bollinger is one of the few houses still wholly family-owned. The wines are Pinot Noir dominated and over 2/3rds of the grapes come from Bollinger’s own vineyards which are of mainly Grand and Premier cru status. Stylistically Bollinger always combines power with finesse.

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NV Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut
Price: £43.50  Bin No. CH06
NV Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut - Magnum
Price: £99.50  Bin No. CH061
NV Bollinger Rosé
Price: £49.95  Bin No. CH071
NV Bollinger Rosé Magnum
Price: £115.00  Bin No. CH073
2012 Bollinger Grande Année
Price: £99.50  Bin No. CH07
2007 Bollinger Grande Année Rosé
Price: £99.50  Bin No. CH072

Dom Perignon

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2008  Moet & Chandon,  ‘Dom Perignon'’
Price:  £139.50  Bin No.CH05



One of the great names of Champagne, Louis Roederer is still family owned and has substantial vineyard holdings. The Brut Premier has a high Pinot Noir percentage and has rich fruit flavours with a stylish full bouquet.

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 NV  Louis Roederer,  Brut Premier
  Price: £38.50  Bin No. CH17

 2012 Louis Roederer, Cristal
  Price:  £189.50  Bin No. CH18


KRUG - Reims

As Tom Stevenson says in his Encyclopaedia of Champagne: ‘Krug is Krug is Krug.’The superb ‘Grande Cuvée’ is best summed up by Rémi Krug himself, ‘If Grande Cuvée is a basic non-vintage, then a Rolls Royce is just a car, and the Pope just a priest.’  Rich and intense, it has some 35 - 50% of reserve wines blended in.

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NV  Krug,  ‘Grande Cuvée’
Price:  £159.50  Bin No.CH19




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