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Château Burgozone - Danube

Thirty years ago, Bulgaria was the driving force behind day-to-day wine drinking in the UK but the collapse of communism and the vast state subsidies, meant that it all but disappeared from the wine trade. But Bulgaria has had a proud wine making tradition for centuries and we are delighted to list these two superb examples of what they can indeed achieve. On the same latitude as Tuscany, the 100 hectares of Château Burgozone has a continental climate and the grapes are hand-picked and bottled on the estate.Côte de Danube Viognier has fine floral aromas with classic peach on the palate and excellent balancing minerality.

The stunning Pinot Noir has been aged in French and Bulgarian oak for 6 months and has a real depth of rich red cherry fruit with a finish of vanilla and mocha that would be the envy of many a farmore expensive red Burgundy.

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  Côte du Danube  Viognier
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  BU61                          

  Côte du Danube  Pinot Noir
Price: £8.99   Bin No.  BU01   



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