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The vineyards of the Dordogne can produce some of the most attractive wines in
France. The Dubard family’s 
Domaine du Gouyat Blanc Sec needs little introduction to those of you who are existing customers: the crisp gooseberry  flavours of this white puts many a more expensive wine to shame. A blend of 50% Sauvignon and 50% Sémillon.

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 Domaine du Gouyat *   Bergerac sec  Vignobles Dubard
 Price: £8.50  Bin No. FB64

Comtesse de Segur   Montravel Blanc  Sec  Vignobles Dubard
 Price:   £11.99  Bin No. FB62

Serge Dubard’s Domaine du Gouyat rouge has wonderful fruit and is as good value wine as any on the entire list.
His benchmark barrique-aged Gouyat has in recent years won a coup de coeur in the Guide Hachette - France’s
highest wine accolade. The Pécharment is a brooding monster for laying down: a complex and beguiling red.


  Domaine du Gouyat ,*  Vignobles  Dubard
Price:  £8.50  Bin No. FB14

 Domaine du Gouyat, oak barrique-aged - Vignobles Dubard
Price:  £9.99  Bin No. FB22

  Château les Farcies du Pech'  Pécharment - Vignobles Dubard
Price: £12.99  Bin No. FB13

  Comtesse de Segur  Montravel Rouge
Price: £11.99  Bin No. FB58

Quite delicious and dangerously addictive, this wine – we think the current vintage
is the best we have ever shipped - is bone-dry and the antithesis of bland
commercial rosés. Possibly the finest all round rosé in the world!


  Domaine du Gouyat, *  Vignobles Dubard
Price:  £8.50  Bin No. FB66


Monbazillac has long been famous for its wonderful pudding wines that are made
in exactly the same way as Sauternes but at a far more affordable price.
Domaine Pécoula has delicious apricot fruit and good levels of botrytis.

Domaine Pecoula  
Price: £15.95  Bin DW02

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