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We have a delicious Beaujolais Villages ‘les Piovoines’ that has tremendous
red cherry fruit. Don’t miss the superb, medal-winning Beaujolais Crus: Côtes de Brouilly -
Domaine les Roches Bleues and Fleurie – la Madone. Sadly though the La Madone Vineyard
was more or less wiped out so the Fleurie ‘La Quatier du Cru Beaujolais’ will be an able
replacement when stocks run out.

and Fleurie – la Madone

 Cotess de Brouilly, Domainee les Roches Bleues
Price: £10.99  Bin No. FY10

View Domainee les Roches Bleues website

Beaujolais, Les Pivoines
Price: £8.99  Bin No. FY03

Fleurie, 'La Reine de l'Arenite' La Madone
Price: £10.99  Bin No. FY14

View La Madone Vineyard  website




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