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West Australia    New South Wales    South Australia


We are delighted to be appointed agents for Peel Estate  for the United Kingdom and the wines go from strength to strength. Established in 1973 by Will Nairn, Peel Estate has long been considered one of the leading boutique wineries in Australia with total production of only 5000 cases.

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The winery receives a coveted 4½ star rating in
James Halliday’s  Wine Companion..

The Chenin Blanc is one of Australia’s most extraordinary white wines with a huge peachy nose and charry wood aromas.
This is a wine that will age for over ten years and develops wonderful complexity in the bottle.  The Verdelho is just about my favourite white wine. Unoaked, it has delectable greengage and lime fruit with elegant acidity.

  Peel Estate  Verdelho    Baldivis (SC)
Price: £12.99  Bin No. AU93

  Peel Estate  Chardonnay    Baldivis
Price: £14.99  Bin No. AU91

 Peel Estate  Chenin Blanc    Baldivis
Price: £14.99  Bin No. AU92

Three quite stunning reds that are only available in tiny quantities as the wine has achieved a cult status in Australia. The Cabernet Sauvignon is made in a classic French style and Will rates the 2001 as one of the best he has ever made. Aged in French oak, it has awonderful integration of fruit and wood. The flagship Shiraz has an astonishing structure and concentration of flavour: allspice, cloves and intense black fruit. Both reds can be drunk from now to 2025

  Peel Estate  Shiraz/Cabernet   Baldivis (SC)
Price: £12.99  Bin No. AU34

 Peel Estate  Cabernet Sauvignon   Baldivis
Price: £17.99  Bin No. AU31

  Peel Estate  Shiraz   Baldivis 15.5%
Price: £21.95  Bin No. AU32

South Australia

Dry River

This entry-point range of wines from south-east Australia should not be disregarded because of their low price. All three are excellent, well-made wines that show good varietal characteristics.

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  Dry River Chardonnay  (SC)
Price: £5.99  Bin No. AU79

  Dry River  Pinot Grigio  (SC)
Price: £5.99  Bin No. AU78

  Dry River Shiraz   (SC)
Price: £5.99 Bin No. AU09

GRANT BURGE - Barossa Valley

He is the largest private landowner in the area, but never makes any sacrifice in the quality of his wine.  ‘Old Vine Shiraz’, his ‘black monster’ flagship wine: quite stunning. The Holy Trinity – his ‘hommage’ to Châteauneuf -  has proved an enormous success and is a blend of classic Rhône varieties: Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro.

Have a look at their website

Grant Burge  Shiraz    Old Vine - Filsell
Price: £19.99  Bin No. AU18

 The Holy Trinity   Grenache/Shiraz/Mouvèdre
Price: £19.99  Bin No. AU08

New South Wales


Since listing these wines for the first time at the end of 2002, we havebeen amazed at the success we have had with them. The Murphy family were pioneer  winemakers in the Murray River Valley and their vineyards now spread over 50 hectares. After spending 11 years at Mildara Blass, Anthony Murphy returned to the family estate as winemaker and they now win numerous medals. Fabulous value are the entry point Big River wines. For something unusual, try the Trentham Noble Taminga, a complex, botrytised blend of Riesling, Traminer and Ferrano (the what?)

Have a look at their website


 Big River Chardonnay   Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £6.99   Bin No.AU90

 Trentham Estate Chardonnay  Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £11.50   Bin No.AU65


Big River Shiraz    Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £6.99  Bin No.AU40

River Retreat Pinot Noir    Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £8.99  Bin No.AU41

River Retreat Shiraz   Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £8.99  Bin No.AU42

River Retreat Merlot   Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £8.99  Bin No.AU44

Trentham Estate Pinot Noir  Murray River Valley (SC)
Price: £11.50  Bin No.AU061

   Trentham Estate  Shiraz    Murray River Valley
Price: £11.50  Bin No.AU46

Trentham Estate  Nebbiolo    Murray River Valley
Price: £11.99  Bin No.AU06

Trentham Estate  Nero d'Avola    Murray River Valley
Price: £11.99  Bin No.AU10

  Trentham Estate  Shiraz    Heathcote
Price: £16.99  Bin No.AU07

  Trentham Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon    Coonawarra
Price: £17.99  Bin No.AU12


Trentham Estate Noble Taminga 37.5cl  New South Wales
Price £8.99  Bin No.DW31

De Bortoli Wines  -  Victoria

The De Bortoli family have been making award-winning wines since 1928.  Their famous Deen Vat Durif is a chocolate monster of a wine: rich and full-bodied. The La Bohème series is a tribute to the Yarra Valley’s own Dame Nellie Melba, who enchanted the world as Mimi in Puccini’s opera. Both wines are elegant blends that combine a hint of the exotic with mainstream fruit characteristics. The Show Liqueur Muscat is glorious: a mouthful of raisins, coffee and caramel.

View their website


  La Bohème Act 3 ‘Pinot Gris & friends’   Yarra Valley   
Price: £13.99  Bin No. AU62


    Deen ‘Vat 1’ Durif    Riverina   
Price: £9.99  Bin No. AU03

    Deen ‘Vat 8’ Shiraz     Riverina     
Price: £9.99  Bin No. AU091

     La Bohème Act 4 ‘Syrah / Gamay’    Yarra Valley   
Price: £13.99  Bin No. AU04


 De Bortoli Show Liqueur Muscat  8yr    South East Australia 
Price £14.95  Bin No.DW04


The Black Label wines are all made in the typical Brian McGuigan style with lots of fruit and a gentle sweetness

See their website

   McGuigan’s Black Label  Chardonnay Hunter Valley 
Price: £7.50   Bin No. AU83

   McGuigan’s Black Label  Riesling Hunter Valley 
Price: £7.79  Bin No. AU8

 McGuigan’s Black Label  Hunter Valley (SC)
Price: £7.79 Bin No. AU11

  McGuigan’s Black Label Merlot  Hunter Valley (SC)
Price: £7.79 Bin No.  AU05
































































































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