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Made from the two great grapes of champagne, this dry sparkling wine with attractive melon
fruit and good balancing acidity comes from vineyards on the shores of Lake Balaton.
Excellent value – outside the Eurozone!

Chapel Hill Chardonnay/Pinot  Brut
Price: £7.49 
Bin No. SW10

Chapel Hill Pinot  Rosé
Price: £7.49 
Bin No. SW01


The stunning Crémant de Bourgogne from the Caves de Bailly comes from vineyards just outside the
champagne region,and I would defy anyone to spot the difference – except that it is a better drink
than many cheap champagnes – and the Crémant Rosé is every bit as good if not better –
my wife and I had it for our Silver Wedding party.

  Crémant  - de Bourgogne  - Caves de Bailly Brut
Price: £11.99 Bin No. SW03

Crémant de Bourgogne  - Caves de Bailly Brut Rosé   Price: £12.99 Bin No. SW031


Prosecco has rapidly become Italy’s most popular sparkling wine: the Frizzante has a screw cap and is only
lightly sparkling while the Spumante is sealed with a champagne cork and is fully sparkling.  A very decent
cheaper alternative is the new Polloni Spumante which tastes far better than many Proseccos.

Polloni SpumanteThe Wine Peolpe (SC) 
Price: £8.49  
Bin No. SW021

Prosecco  Frizzante  Villa Sandi (SC)
Price: £9.49  
Bin No. SW13

Prosecco  Spumante La Delfina  - Secco 
Price: £9.98  
Bin No. SW02

Prosecco Spumante  Villa Sandi
Price: £11.49  
Bin No. SW09


Our excellent Cava Castillo Perelada comes from a top producer. Clean, refreshing, but with balancing fruit, it
is astonishingly good value for money, and bears little if any resemblance to the soapy flavoured apologies for Cavas
in many of the multiples. The Castillo Perelada Rosado is an attractive rosé with good fruit flavour and was chosen out
of a cast of hundreds as the official reception drink for the Spanish royal wedding – quite an accolade. Gran Claustro Vintage
2011 is their flagship; mainly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay it has a rich biscuity depth of flavour.

Castillo Perelada Brut Reserva   MC
Price: £9.79  Bin No. SW23

Castillo Perelada Rosado  Brut Reserva   MC
Price: £9.79  Bin No. SW07

Perelada Gran Claustro  Brut Nature  MC
Price: £19.99  Bin No. SW21


For the Krug of sparkling wines you need look no further than bubbly from Taltarni. Their Brut Taché is a delicate
salmon-pink rosé that has the acidity and fruit balance that so many cheap Australian fizz patently lack.

2011 Taltarni Taché Rosé  Vintage Brut  MC
Price: £14.99 
Bin No. SW38

2013 Taltarni Sparkling Shiraz  Vintage Brut  MC
Price: £16.99 
Bin No. SW39


The ‘Classic Cuvée’ beat Dom Pérignon in a blind tasting and was served by the Queen at her mother’s 100th birthday celebrations.
Made from a blend of the great champagne grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, it is arguably the greatest sparkling  
wine from outside the champagne region. And don’t miss the supremely elegant ‘Non-Vintage Rosé’: - wonderful value.  
The ‘Blanc de Blancs’ the wine that famously was mistaken for Billecart-Salmon Grand Cru by 13 out of 14 French wine judges in Paris in April 2016.

2010 Nyetimber 'Classic Cuvée'  West Sussex  MC
Price: £27.95 
Bin No. SW25

2009/10 Nyetimber 'Classic Cuvée'  Magnum West Sussex  150cl  MC
Price: £64.95 
Bin No. SW26

 NV Nyetimber Rose' West Sussex  MC
Price: £34.95 
Bin No. SW48

2009 Nyetimber 'Blanc de Blancs West Sussex  MC
Price: £37.50 
Bin No. SW29


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