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Bodegas Paternina - Haro

Founded in 1896, Bodega Paternina is based in Haro, the epicentre of the Rioja wine trade.
The Monte Haro is soft and elegant with good red fruit flavours and now has a screw cap.
The Banda Dorada white has crisp citrus fruit. Banda Azul and Banda Roja are both classics
that have benefitted hugely from the bodegas massive investment in new oak over the past decade.

Monte Haro  Tinto Joven
Price: £7.19 
Bin No. SP02

  Banda Azul  Crianza
Price: £8.99 
Bin No. SP04

  Banda Azul  Roja Reserva
Price: £10.98 
Bin No. SP39

2004 Conde de Los Andes
Price: £14.99  Bin No. SP41

Bodegas Navajas - Navarette

The wines of Antonio Navajas are going from strength to strength. He has started
blending oak-aged wine in with his Tinto to give it more body to balance the fruit.
We started shipping his Crianza over ten years ago now and have been delighted

with the response: this wine offers sensational rich plummy-oak flavours at a very
reasonable price. Also on the list comes the excellent Reserva, aged in oak for three years.

 Bodegas Navajas  Tinto
Price: £7.69 
Bin No.SP18

Bodegas Navajas  Crianza
Price: £9.49 
 Bin No.SP21

 Bodegas Navajas  Reserva
Price: £11.69 
 Bin No.SP22

Bodegas Emporatriz - Haro

This deliciously soft, 100% Tempranillo comes from one of the great single Estates in Rioja,
 formerly owned by the last Empress of France and has some oak-aged wine added to the
blend to give it typical vanilla smoothness.

2011/12 Rioja Salagon Tinto (SC)
Price: £8.29 
 Bin No.SP13

Marqués de Murrieta

A superb range of Riojas from the great Marqués de Murrieta’s 300 hectare Ygay estate at Logrono.
The  Marqués de Murrieta Reserva is benchmark Rioja that has been aged in American oak for over
20 months – a perfect example of modern-style Rioja, and the classic Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva has
 fabulous complexity having spent 40 months in American oak. For a real treat, try the Dalmau Reserva 2004,

their flagship, modern-style reserva that has 10% wine from 90 year old Cabernet Sauvignon added into the blend,
creating a wine with great intensity of black fruit. The Pazo de Barrantes Albarino is owned by the Creixell
family of Marqués de Murrieta and is a wine that has wonderfully aromatic and exotic fruit overlays.

  Marqués de Murrieta Ygay   Reserva 50cl
Price: £13.50 
Bin No. SP

  Marqués de Murrieta Ygay   Reserva
Price: £16.99 
Bin No. SP29

  Marqués de Murrieta Ygay   Reserva  Magnum
Price: £42.95 
Bin No. SP28

  2005 Marqués de Murrieta Ygay  Gran Reserva
Price: £28.95 
Bin No. SP05

  2009 Marqués de Murrieta   Reserva Double Magnum
Price: £99.50 
Bin No. SP26

2005 Castillo Ygay   Gran Reserva Especial
Price: £74.95  Bin No. SP

2005/09  Dalmau   Reserva
Price: £49.95  Bin No. SP03

The Capellania Reserva is typical rich white Rioja, made from
a blend of Viura, Malvasia & Garnacha, but less heavily oaked
than it was in the past.


  Marqués de Murrieta  'Capellania'   Reserva
Price: £16.99 
Bin No. SP62

 Pazo de Barrantes Albarino  Rias Baixas
Price: £16.50 
Bin No. SP63

Ribera del Duero and Rueda

The MoMo white from Rueda is a delicious blend of Verdejo and Viura with lovely zesty, citric freshness.
The Alion Reserva is indisputably one of Spain’s finest red wines, combining elegance, grip and fabulous
damson-black fruit. Alion comes from Vega’s neighbouring estate and is 100% Tempranillo.

  Momo -  Verdejo/Viura  Rueda
Price: £8.29 
Bin No. SP66

  Momo Tinta del Pais Ribera del Duero  
Price: £11.50 
Bin No. SP09

2012  Alion Reserva  Vega Sicilia
Price: £49.95 
Bin No. SP11

Catalunya - Castillo Peralada

Some of our favourite wines on the list come from Castillo Perelada in the Costa Brava.
The superb Castillo Perelada 3 Fincas Crianza is a blend of Garnacha, Carinena and Tempranillo
 that has spent 12 months in American and French barriques giving it the classic vanilla flavours that
balance the forest fruits. The 5 Fincas Reserva is a big reserve wine that has spent 18 months in oak
and has broad sweet tannins and a superlative depth of plum and damson fruit. The superb Gran Claustro
their flagship blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Carignena and Garnacha – was rated top Spanish red in Wine Magazine.
Their taster noted: ‘Deep, dark and richly fruited with a gorgeous aroma.’

Castillo Peralada  3 Fincas Crianza
Price: £9.99  Bin No. SP141

Castillo Peralada  5 Fincas Reserva
Price: £13.99  Bin No. SP142

 Castillo Peralada   Finca Malaveina
Price: £21.95 
Bin No. SP

2002 Castillo Peralada   Gran Claustro
Price: £39.95  Bin No. SP19

Priorat - Red

The wines from Perelada's Priorat Estate - Spain's most fashionable wine
region - are unreconstructed blockbusters: huge structure, heady plum fruit,
hoofing alcohol content.

2009 Vi de Vila Porrera Priorat
Price: £19.99 
Bin No. SP17

2005 Cims de Porrera  Classic
Price: £49.95 
Bin No. SP177


The Guelbenzu family are probably the greatest makers of wine in the Navarra region. The Azul is made
from the Tempranillo grape and aged for 9 months in French and American oak whereas the stunning Evo is a
blockbuster red that is made predominantly from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape after 12 months aging in French oak barriques.

Guelbenzu  Azul 
Price: £10.99 
Bin No. SP47

Guelbenzu  Evo
Price: £16.99 
Bin No. SP48

Rest of Spain


Vina Vasta Blanco is a delicious new wine with citrus fruit flavours

.  Vina Vasta Blanco Verdejo/Viura
Price: £5.79 
Bin No. SP65

.  Mazacruz    (Verdejo-Sauvignon)   Castilla-La Mancha
Price: £11.99 
Bin No. SP78


Vina Vasta Tinto, packed with juicy red fruit and made in a modern style. Castillo La Paz Tempranillo
is an award-winning rich red from one of La Mancha’s top wineries. The new Mazacruz red is a superb
Syrah/Tempranillo blend from the little known Castilla DO in south-east Spain.

Vina Vasta Tinto  Tempranillo/Merlot/Syrah
Price:  £5.79  Bin No. SP10

2014 Castillo la Paz ‘old vine’ Tempranillo La Mancha
Price:  £7.39  Bin No. SP001

2015 Mazacruz  (Syrah-Tempranillo-Graciano)  Castilla -La Mancha
Price:  £11.99  Bin No. SP08



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