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Philippe Raimbault continues to make superb wines: classic Sauvignon Blanc from
both Sancerre ‘Domaine des Godons’ and Pouilly-Fumé ‘Montée des Lumeaux’
with the stylish finesse that comes from the finest ‘terroir’. New on our list last year came
Domaine les Grands Presbytères ‘Muscadet sur lie’ Tradition
and Vieilles Vignes
which both have the richness and fruit so often lacking in these wines. Don’t miss our fabulous
Sauvignon de Touraine
which comes from Guy Allion’s Domaine du Haut-Perron: full of crisp gooseberry fruit.

Muscadet Sur Lie S & M   Domaine les Grands Presbyteres
Price: £8.69 
Bin No.  FL16

Muscadet Sur Lie S & M   Domaine les Grands Presbyteres Vieilles Vignes
Price: £11.50 
Bin No.  FL17

 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc   Domaine Haut-Perron  (SC)
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  FL65

 Chenonceaux  Domaine Haut-Perron  (SC)
Price: £10.99  Bin No.  FL12

   Vouvray (demi-sec)
    Les Coteaux Tufiers
Price: £9.99 
Bin No.  FL18

    Sancerre   ‘Domaine des Godons
Price: £13.99  Bin No. FL20

    Sancerre   ‘Domaine des Godons Magnum 150cl
Price: £36.95  Bin No. FL19

 Pouilly-Fumé       La Montée des Lumeaux 
Price: £13.90 
Bin No. FL26

As ever we love good rosé, and Philippe Raimbault makes excellent strawberry-hued  rosé in Sancerre,
but don’t miss the deliciously soft Rosé de Touraine from Guy Allion

 Rosé d’Anjou    Pierre Chainier
Price: £8.50 
Bin No.  FL11

  Rosé deTouraine Sonnemot   Domaine Haut-Perron
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  FL90

  Sancerre    Apud Sariacum
Price: £13.99 
Bin No.  FL04

Good Loire reds are hard to come by but  well worth seeking out.  Philippe Raimbault makes a fine
that is made from a 100% Pinot Noir packed with juicy fruit flavours but with a balancing elegance.
Simple, but deliciously packed with red fruit is our Gamay de Touraine from Domaine du Haut-Perron.

Malbec de Touraine    'le Poira' Domaine Haut Perron
Price: £8.99  Bin No.  FL09

Pinot Noir de Touraine    les Parcs Domaine Haut Perron
Price: £9.99  Bin No.  FL01

Sancerre   Domaine des Godons
Price: £13.99 
Bin No.  FL03

Chenonceaux  Domaine Haut-Perron
Price: £10.99  Bin No.  FL02


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