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White Wines

One of the most exciting ranges on the list : good entry point Bellfontaine
range is supplemented by an excellent rich Clairette, beautifully balanced
Viognier from Domaine Mas Bahourat and the delectable Pipoul de Pinet
 one of the stars on the list.

 Bellefontaine Sauvignon Blanc  - SC
Price: £6.89 
Bin No.  FC64

Pasquiers Sauvignon/Vermentino - SC
Price: £6.89  
Bin No.  FC72

Viognier   La Petite Parcelle  Domaine Mas Bahaurat - SC
Price: £8.50 
Bin No. FC69

  Picpoul de Pinet   Château Duc de Mornay
Price: £8.99 
Bin No. FC62

  Chateau l'Ermitage   Costieres de Nimes
Price: £9.98 
Bin No. FC61

Red Wines

Lots of good wines here as always: excellent organic reds from Chateau l'Ermitage in the Costieres de Nimes. 
Bellefontaine  Malbec is a deliciously smooth red and the Savoir Faire Mourvedre a big monster: big and powerfull.

 Pasquiers Grenache Noir  Vin de Pays d’Oc - SC
Price: £6.89 
Bin No.  FC02

  Bellefontaine Merlot  Vin de Pays d’Oc - SC
Price: £6.89 
Bin No.  FC16

  Bellefontaine  Malbec la Haute Vallee de l'Aude - SC
Price: £6.99 
Bin No.  FC06

  Savoir Faire d'Autrefois Mourvedre Vin de Pays d'Oc           
Price: £9.98 
Bin No.  FC111

  Domaine Houchart  Côtes de Provence  (SC)
Price: £9.98  Bin No.  FC24

  Chateau Du Paraza  Minervois- SC
Price: £11.99 
Bin No.  FC13

  Chateau l'Ermitage  Costieres de Nimes- SC
Price: £8.98 
Bin No.  FC08

  Chateau l'Ermitage - Saint Cecile  Costieres de Nimes - SC
Price: £14.99 
Bin No.  FC

 Le Fou Pinot Noir  Vin de Pays d’Oc - SC
Price: £8.50 
Bin No.  FC05

  Château Pineraie Cahors - Lot Valley
Price: £11.99  Bin No.  FC28

  Malbec Du  Château Vincens Cahors - Lot Valley
Price: £19.98  Bin No.  FC01

  Château Vincens Cahors - Lot Valley
Price: £14.99  Bin No.  FC15

  Château Vincens Magnum Cahors - Lot Valley
Price: £32.95  Bin No.  FC04

  Madiran Domaine Berthoumieu' Charles de Batz
Price: £16.99  Bin No.  FC14


Pasquiers Grenache  is a superb, crisp dry rosé with elegant strawberry fruit. Old favourite Domaine Houchart is a classic
Provençale rosé. New last year were Cheval Gris – the most delicate of pale pinks from the Camargue – and the delicious
Rimo from Château Rimauresq, which has superb red berry fruit and is delicious all year round. William Chase has now
bought our favourite Provence estate, Domaine de la Brillane, just outside Aix and his already delicious rosé just got a whole load better! 

  Pasquieres Grenache/Cinsault  Vin de Pays d’Oc (SC)
Price: £6.89 
Bin No.  FC96

  Marin Gris 'gris de gris' Sable de Camargue  (SC)
Price: £8.99 
Bin No.  FC92

Domaine Houchart  Côtes de Provence  (SC)
Price: £9.99 
Bin No.  FC94

Domaine Houchart  Côtes de Provence  Magnum (SC)
Price: £21.95  
Bin No.  FC95

Rimo  Côtes de Provence
Price: £12.49
Bin No.  FC93

Maison Williams Chase  Côtes de Provence      (SC)
Price: £15.95  
Bin No.  FC90

Maison Williams Chase Côtes do Luberon  Magnum  (SC)
Price: £34.95  
Bin No.  FC91


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