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It was the vision of farmer Martin Vickers 30 years ago to plant a vineyard in Staffordshire.
Today, some 30 acres of vines are managed by Martin and produce award-winning wines
crafted by his son Clive. We have dealt with them over the years and I have to say that they
make authentic wines that don’t sell out to the ‘sweet & sour’ winemaking of some English
wineries. The Long Acre is dry Schonburger/Siegerrebe blend with just a hint of sweet fruit on
the finish. The Pinot Noir soft but displays gentle red berry fruit typical of the grape. The Late
Harvest is a fine pudding wine made from a blend of super ripe Huxelrebe and Bacchus grapes.


 Halfpenny Green ‘Long Acre’      Schonburger / Siegerrebe 
Price: £10.99 
Bin No.  EN65


    Halfpenny Green  Pinot Noir 
Price: £12.99  Bin No EN01          

Pudding Wine          

   Halfpenny Green  Late Harvest
Price: £11.50  
Bin No. DW03


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