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Vina Tierra del Rey

Three modern-style, entry point wines from vineyards owned by top Chilean Bodega,
Errazuriz made using minimal intervention to preserve the fruit characteristics of the wines.

Sauvignon and Merlot available in quarter bottles.

Tierra del Rey Vina Sauvignon Blanc  (SC)
Price:  £5.99 
 Bin No.  CL

Cabernet Sauvignon (SC)
Price:  £5.99 
 Bin No.  CL18

  Tierra del Rey  Merlot (SC)
Price:  £5.99 
 Bin No.  CL09

CARTA VIEJA - Maule Valley

These wines are simply wonderful value for money. Made by the del Pedregal family,
 the Sauvignon Blanc has excellent gooseberry flavours and the unoaked Chardonnay
superb tropical fruit flavours with balancing acidity. A complete revelation is the botrytised
Carta Vieja Late Harvest, a pudding wine of classic ‘noble rot’ and delicious acidity.
The all new Gewurztraminer Reserva has stunning lychee fruit and a dry lingering finish – superb!

  Click here to view their website.  

                   Carta Vieja  Sauvignon Blanc  Maule Valley (SC)
       Price:  £6.49 
Bin No.  CL67

        Carta Vieja  Chardonnay   Maule Valley  (SC)
       Price:  £6.49 
Bin No.  CL69

          Carta Vieja  Gewurztraminer Reserva  Loncomilla  (SC)
         Price:  £7.99 
Bin No.  CL68

         Carta Vieja  ‘Late Harvest’  Botrytised  (50cl)
         Price:  £8.48 
Bin No.  DW20

Both the basic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are outstandingly
good with excellent black fruit flavours, and the
Cabernet & Syrah Reservas
are big rich oak-aged wines: highly recommended.

Carta Vieja Cabernet Sauvignon
  Maule Valley (SC)
Price:  £6.49
 Bin No. CL16

Carta Vieja Merlot  Maule Valley (SC)
Price:  £6.49
  Bin No. CL26


Still family owned, the famous vineyard of Cousino-Macul sits just on the
outskirts of Santiago.  We are convinced that their red wines offer all round
quality and a complexity and structure that some Chilean wines lack. 
The excellent unoaked whites are all delicious and highly rated by
Robert Parker.
Don’t miss the superb Sauvignon Gris, an unusual grape
related to the Sauvignon Blanc but even more intense in style.

Cousino Macul Sauvignon Blanc
Price: £10.50  Bin No. CL64

 Cousino Macul Chardonnay
Price: £10.50  Bin No. CL61

 Cousino - Macul  Sauvignon Gris
Price: £10.99  Bin No. CL62

  Cousino Macul  Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: £10.50  Bin No. CL04

  Cousino Macul  Merlot
Price: £10.50  Bin No. CL02

Cousino Macul  Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva
Price: £13.98  Bin No. CL01

Vinedos TerraNoble

Terranoble is famous for its red wines but the whites are running them close.
 The Chardonnay Reserva has a real complexity with white peach fruit and well integrated oak.

TerraNoble Chardonnay Reserva   Casablanca Valley   (SC)
Price:  £10.98
 Bin No.  CL76

We reckon Vinedos Terranoble produces some of the finest Carmenère wines in Chile: the
Carmenère Selection offers superb value for money while the stunning Gran Reserva Carmenère is
packed with power and rich black hedgerow fruit flavours. 

   TerraNoble Carmenère Selection   Colchagua Valley 
Price:  £9.99 
 Bin No.  CL081

   TerraNoble Carmenère  Reserva    Casablanca Valley
Price:  £10.99 
 Bin No.  CL022

    TerraNoble Carmenère Gran Reserva      Colchagua Valley
Price:  £12.98 
 Bin No.  CL08

2008   TerraNoble Carmenère Andes CA1   Colchagua Valley
Price:  £25.95 
 Bin No.  CL03

2008   TerraNoble Carmenère Costa CA2   Colchagua Valley
Price:  £26.95 
 Bin No.  CL021

2012   TerraNoble Lahuen (Carmenere/Syrah/Grenache/Malbec    IWSC Trophy Best Blended Red Costa CA2   Colchagua Valley
Price:  £29.95 
 Bin No.  CL23

 Vina Morandé

Founded as recently as 1996, Vina Morandé has rapidly become one of the major players in the Chilean wine trade.
Innovative in style, their wine making is constantly searching for the finest fruit in the Casablanca and Maipo valleys.
We think their Pinot Noirs are simply the best value that we have on our list but please steer clear of the Carignan and Cbernet Franc:
big, rich and complex, I think they are both just too good to share!

   Pionero Sauvignon Blanc Reserva  Maule Valley (SC)
Price:  £8.69 
 Bin No.  CL73

  Pionero Pinot Noir   Reserva Casablanca Valley  (SC)
Price:  £8.69 
 Bin No.  CL10

  Vina  Morandé  Pinot Noir   Gran Reserva  Casablanca Valley 
Price:  £13.98 
 Bin No.  CL12

  Vina  Morandé  Carignan  Loncomilla Valley
Price:  £16.99
 Bin No.  CL1

  Vina  Morandé  Cabernet Franc  Maipo Valley
Price:  £16.99
 Bin No.  CL14

Vina Casa Silva

Established in 1997 by Mario Silva, 4th generation of one of Chile’s oldest winemaking
dynasties. Plot by plot, he reassembled the original vineyards, discovering new terroirs
within other parts of the Colchagua Valley and concentrated on producing estate grown
and bottled wines of great individual character and quality. The cool maritime climate of
his coastal estate at Paredones, 6km from the Pacific, ensures extra refinement and complexity.

   Cool Coast Sauvignon Gris Colchagua Valley  (SC)
Price:  £14.99 
 Bin No.  CL70

  Cool Coast Pinot Noir  Colchagua Valley  (SC)
Price:  £14.99
 Bin No.  CL14


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